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Our Story

Designing for the contemporary woman, who is both devoted to style and conscientious of fabrics, Lili Madanyan opened the digital doors of LADAIRE in 2017. With an accumulated breadth of knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, Madanyan utilized her skills, resources, and flair for design, to give life to her own creations. Where most brands struggle to inject originality into their collections, LADAIRE knows no bounds and beckons women of all ages to experiment and explore fashion within the brand.
Founder & CEO
With an array of strong silhouettes, flirty fits, and unique details updated every season, LADAIRE truly encapsulates the wardrobe of today's modern woman.
As all modern companies of today should, we watch the environmental impact we have on the ecosystem very carefully and remain vigilant with our awareness of production count as well as utilizing and integrating natural fibers into our designs.
Although a newcomer to the industry, styles of LADAIRE have already been the preferred choice by celebrities (and their stylists) such as Christina Applegate, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Nikki Reed, Rocky Barnes, and other personalities and influential women globally.

Social Media Director
I’m Luiza, Founder of POTDMedia, mother, wife, influencer, pianist, and now social media director at Ladaire.

Ladaire grabbed my attention a few months ago when I was passing by the store at the Americana. I was super short on time, but the store appearance made me stop and explore more. I was fascinated by the quality of their merchandise, and most importantly the value. Similar dresses elsewhere would cost triple the price, and may not come close in quality to Ladaire. I was so excited that I found a store so close to me that meets my and possibly any fashionista’s expectations.

Sales Manager
I'm Kathy, I was born and raised in LA. Although fashion has always been a part of my life, I have been working in the fashion industry for the past six years.
I can’t express how grateful I am to be part of the Ladaire team. From the moment I first heard of Ladaire, I simply fell in love with every detail. Ladaire designs/creates for the classy, elegant, and fearless woman.
That Ladaire woman is me.
I’m so excited to see what is next for us, as we are currently working hard to take our brand to the next level.

I'm Sara. I grew up in a small town in New Mexico with a high passion for fashion. I am now living in L.A. and pursuing my fashion dreams.
I love Ladaire because of the way each piece is designed to make every woman feel confident, powerful, and beautiful. The design style's encapsulate every woman's needs and hits every style point; from flirty to business to relaxed yet fashionable. When you walk into Ladaire you will receive the most amazing experience all women should encounter.

I'm Christina and I’m so happy to be a part of a brand that captures women’s style with a modern, feminine, and unique touch. Although it’s my first job in the retail business, I particularly love working here and the challenges that go along with it because it gives me the opportunity to connect with people and create customer relations. Working at Ladaire truly has shown me that all of us have a genuine sense of solidarity and shared goals revolving around assisting our customers and making them our number one priority.